Bag the Bets The Bookies Miss, With Odds That Will Make You a Fortune!

Eagle-Eyed Lifetime Punter
Makes £150,000 Per Year
from Horse Racing
Now He's Sharing His Secrets with YOU!

Some love him.

Others hate him.

But few in the horse racing scene can say they haven't heard of him.

Pete Bradford is notorious for picking winners; winners to which everyone else is oblivious – including the bookies.

And he's been using his special talent to bank six-figures, year on year, while the rest of us are left wondering; "How the hell does he do it?!"

But Pete has never been one for lining his own pockets while turning his back on the rest of us. In fact, over the years he's helped dozens of ordinary punters make over £12,000 per month from horse racing. And now YOU can be one of the lucky ones!

A few years ago, Pete created a tipping service that he aptly named "The Bookies' Blind Spot", which focused on the high ticket bets the bookies missed.

Each morning, members would receive Pete's expert selections, and no one was left disappointed.

The last time around, membership spaces sold out in minutes, and his doors have been closed ever since. But now he's taking on a handful of new members, meaning that YOU could start making £3,000 PER WEEK in TAX FREE WINNINGS!

Just imagine what you could do with that kind of money.
You'd never again have to worry about rent, or mortgage repayments. You could pay off all your debts in no time at all. And you'd finally have the cash to start enjoying life; shopping, fancy dinners, luxury holidays and a new set of wheels!
But only if you join Pete at
The Bookies' Blind Spot, today.

Jane Forster,
The Bookies' Blind Spot member.

"I cannot express how grateful I am that I was able to join The Bookies' Blind Spot. After a devastating losing streak, I was about to give up on betting. Then, with Pete's help, everything changed. I consistently make around £12,000 each month and I could not be happier"

Steve Hall, The Bookies' Blind Spot member.

"I was worried that this was going to be another one of those overhyped systems you see online, that sends nothing but obvious favourites, and losers. But I could not have been more wrong. Pete delivers the goods as promised. Win after win after win, and I'm more than £65,000 up, and counting!"

Jake Pratt,
The Bookies' Blind Spot member.

"I DO NOT KNOW how he does it! It's like he's got a crystal ball – or a time machine?? Though honestly I do not care, so long as he continues to send me my winners. Pete Bradford is a wizard and a legend!"

And I’ve not yet told you the best bit…

Absolutely anyone can use this service. Why? Because Pete takes care of everything for you, so there is absolutely nothing for you to struggle with or stress about. Nothing to download or install, and absolutely no confusion.

So before I hear you say "I can't do it", or, "I don't have time". Let me tell you that you CAN do it and you DO have time.

Because Pete does the hard part, you can literally make money in the time that it takes for the kettle to boil.

Got a full time job? Okay.

Taking care of four kids? No problem.

Rushing around like a headless chicken?

That's absolutely fine. It does not matter who you are. ANYONE can find a couple of minutes in their day to make easy money with this service.

Each morning, Pete will send you an email containing your selections for that day. All you have to do is place those bets and the prize will be yours for the taking.

It's easier than tying your shoelaces!

But only if you join Pete at
The Bookies' Blind Spot, today.

But who is Pete Bradford, anyway?

The bookies are baying for his blood and the punters can't stop singing his praises. But who is this controversial character?

Pete Bradford is an ordinary chap. I'm not going to tell you that he's a jockey's son, or that he's a master mathematician who has created a phenomenal algorithm for picking a winner. Pete is from a working class family in the West Midlands, and before he started making big money from betting, he was a humble car mechanic.

Pete first discovered that he had a knack for picking a winner when he was a teenager. His dad would put money on a horse every Sunday, and one day sought Pete's advice. After a 'lucky' win, his dad recruited his guidance once again, only for Pete to pick another winner.

Week after week this continued, and Pete's dad would boast, down the pub, of his 'gifted' son who would eventually make him a millionaire. But the truth of the matter was, Pete was not gifted. Sure, there may have been a little bit of luck involved – as there always is in betting, but the reality was that Pete had been putting in the hours.

In fact, Pete had been studying horse racing; collecting information, analyzing, looking for patterns, coming to conclusions. Pete knew that, in the wider sense, "the bookmaker always wins", so making money from horse racing was all about being the exception to the rule – being the rare instance that the bookie does lose, and lose BIG. You had to back the horse the bookies missed.

Over the years, Pete's selections only became more precise. He knew horse racing inside and out. And he found those unlikely winners time and time again.

If fact, he wasn't working as a mechanic for long at all before he jacked it in – no pun intended! As he was quickly able to comfortably live off his horse racing winnings. What started as a few hundred quid each month, gradually turned into a few thousand. Until eventually he was making £12,000 per month, consistently!

That's when his life really changed. He went from living a mundane, ordinary existence, to living like a city banker! He bought a nice house, a fast car, he would pay for dinner without even looking at the bill, and went on holiday at least three times per year.

And that’s the same kind of lifestyle that ‘The Bookies' Blind Spot’ members have been emulating ever since…
And now is your time to join them.
You've already spent too long working at a job you don't like, living a life you've outgrown. It's time for a drastic change. And an easy £12,000/month is just what you need to make that happen!

What's the catch?

Realistically, there isn't one!
You can join The Bookies' Blind Spot today,
for a one-time admin fee of just £26.99.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Thereafter, if you're not completely satisfied with Pete's service, you have 60 days in which to claim a full refund. So you have nothing to lose.
But, as I mentioned earlier, Pete has opened the door to just a handful of new punters, and those membership spots will be available on a first come, first served basis.

In fact, that door will be starting to close as you’re reading this. So, if you want to access the tips that will provide you with a weekly tax-free income of £3,000, I suggest you move quickly.

If last time is anything to go by, there will be dozens of eager punters willing to trample on each other for a chance at a membership spot – so don’t expect this to be around for long!
This is your opportunity to get RICH! Just envisage holding all that cash in your hands. 
Forget losing, those days are behind you. It's time to take a seat at the winners table – and it's champagne all round!

A stress-free, debt-free, happy life can be yours in just a few clicks.

And now it's decision time. Choose the path of fear and self-doubt, and continue leading the same tedious existence you've always known. Or take a chance on the life you've always dreamed of, with an extra £150,000 in your bank account this year.

It's your move…

Pete Bradford.
But only if you join Pete at
The Bookies' Blind Spot, today.

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